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Introduction to Zotero Interface

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Zotero Interface


The Zotero window has three columns, which orgainize contents from most general to most specific.

  • Within the left pane, you can create and organize your folders (collections or libraries)



  • Within the middle pane, there are items you collected.



  • Within the right pane, there are contents of the item you selected in the middle pane.





On top of the left pane, there are icons:

  • adds New Collection
  • toggles between Show/Hide Tag selector
  • is the Actions icon which allows to import/export collections, view preferences etc.


On top of the middle pane, there are icons:

  • adds New Item
  • creates New Item from the Current Page
  • saves Link to Current Page
  • takes Snapshot of Current Page
  • inserts New Standalone Note
  • provides Advanced Search
  • The search box provides search facilities


On top of the right pane, there are icons:

  • closes Zotero.
  • toggles between full screen and half screen modes


Full Screen:



Half Screen,






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