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Insert Items from Amazon

Page history last edited by Xuemei Li 15 years, 8 months ago

Go to Amazon, search "Java How to Program".



A yellow folder icon appears in the location bar (a blue one would appear if only one item returned).

It is worth to mention that sometimes the yellow dolder or blue book icon appears only after the whole webpage is loaded. So sometimes need to wait for a while to see whether Zotero could recognize the site or not.Click the yellow folder icon, a small window pop up with different versions of the books.



Select the book/books you would like to save and then click OK. The book/books will be saved and Zotero showing the saving status at the lower right corner as below.



Saving Item means that the item has been saved properly while Could Not Save Item indicates an error message.



Please note: Various site translators are used to transfer items into your Zotero library from different sites. They often depend on a particular page structure in order to capture information. Even small changes to the underlying HTML code of a website would stop a translator from working. Once the problem is solved, Zotero will update the translates automaticly.


Please see Troubleshooting Translator Issues for more information on resolving “Could Not Save” errors.


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