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Advantages and Limitations of Zotero

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  • Zotero allows you to add note, tag, attachments to your items
  • Zotero allows you to save web page snapshot and add note on the snapshot
  • Zotero saves your library locally in your computer



  • Any changes in the target page may disable the translator. The suggestions are:
    • to capture items from popular sites such as Google Books, Scholar, Amazon, WorldCat, most used online databases etc
    • to report the translator problems to Zotero through Troubleshooting Translator Issues
  • Zotero could not prevent or remove duplicate items at the moment need to remove duplicate items manually.
  • Zotero does not have as many reference sytles as RefWorks or EndNotes
  • The fact that Zotero resides on your Firefox browser in your computer makes it difficult for users to share items

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